Pulleys which are vein and nerve bundles provide feeding and sensitivity for teeth. They get damaged and may cause inflammation in time. In such situations, cold, hot, chewing and pressure can cause extreme sensitivity. Dentist used to extract tooth when damages occured on tooth layers. Today, with the help of technological root canal treatment, people have chances to use their teeth for long years.  With the help of latest technolog, root canal treatment has become one of the most efficent solution for tooth nerves which can not survive anymore. Endodontic treatment is well known by every dentist and you must absolutely see an endodontist, expert root canal treatment dentist, for treatment.



After taking out the nerves inside teeth, expanding the canals in the teeth roots to decontaminate from microorgamisms, nerves tissues are taken out with the help of needles called canal curves. After cleaning dead cell wastes, inside of canals are washed and filled till the edge of root. After our specialist dentists implemented root canal treatment, they do restoration such as filling, porcelain crown, inlay to top of teeth. Esthetic and functional remaining is provided for your teeth to gain health and appearance just like the first day.



We are trying to do our best to solve our patients’ every dental problems as being Durupol Hospital. In root canal treatment, we offer you the best service for your oral and dental health  by compounding the latest technology with our dentists’ information and experiences. As being the best clinic implementing the root canal treatment in Talas county, we carry through the treatment process in the most comfartable conditions for our patients who are afraid of dentist and teeth diseases. It is enough for you to contact us to protect your oral and dental health and to gain healthy simling by our expert dentists’ labour. We care your health and maintain giving the best service in root canal treatment which is one of the efficient solution for dental problems by our expert staff.