Our center was founded and started to give health services as the first private type A polyclinic of Kayseri on an area of 1500 square meters in 2016 with 6 dentists. In Private Durupol Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic, by our experienced dentists and friendly staff, your valued patients’ treatments are diagnosed via the latest technology equipment and treatments are planned by our expert dentists. In our polyclinic where we give great importance to hygiene and disinfection rules, instrments are sterilized, packaged and used seperately for each patient.

                On this way which we set off by chosing ‘patients gratitude first’ as the motto, in line with international standarts, suitable for country conditions, by following the latest and modern technology, with smiling face, high quality and expert staff,  We give service to your dear Kayseri residents as Private Durupol Oral and Dental Health Polyclinic.

Our Mission

Our institution presents the services to all people with the methods confirmed according to international standarts and the latest echnology by our experinced dentists.

Our institution carries out our patients’ function, phonation and esthetics in a hygienical environment by genial staff in the best manner.


Our vision

With all our staff, we desire to carry the solutions beyond the own expectations of patients by using international scientific techniques in conservative, esthetic and ethical approach.

Firstly, raising awareness of being healthy among the society,

Gathering art and health at the same point,

Never making compromises on international standards for sterilization and hygienic work,

Having a say in the future of society’s mentum, oral and dental health.