FULL PARTIAL PROTHESIS (Palate, Aduncous, Hooked Prothesis)

These prothesis are used in case of losing al lor some of teeth. In such cases, total prothesis are prefered. In cases of losing all or some of teeth because of gingival diseases, extensive decays or trauma, total prothesis are the alternative treatment of placing the missing tooth and tissues. It’s a classical and traditional method. Vacuum power procured by soft tissues enables it to be immobilized in mouth. In additon to it, removable hooked prothesis or grippered prothesis are used in partial or total teeth missing, if tooth tissue loss occurs as well as soft and tough tissue loss. For example, in conditions when there is no tooth to get support between extracted teeth to make bridge, removable partial prothesis can be used. Removable partial prothesis aids to place missing tooth and tissues by setting the pink gingiva-like acrylic material and artificial teeth on a metal skeleton. The stability of this prothesis into the mouth is provided by stabilizers named hooks which are placed over the rest of the teeth. If patient wants them to be unseen, key-lock like linking materials named sensitive stabilizers are placed on the covered adjacent teeth. This provides a more aesthetical appearance.










SPLENDID AESTHETICS : It assorts with natural form and seems like real teeth. As it is not made on a metal platform, light tranparency is almost the same like real tooth.

DURABILITY WITH IMPROVED FORM : It can be used for long years on crowns, frontal and chewing surfaces og teeth without any problem. It is biologically coherent. It gives no harm to gingiva and surrounding tissues. Corrosion resistance is almost like tooth enamel.



Nice smiling is one of the most important characteristics  notable on face. Obligation to live with discolored (blackened – darkened – flavescent), broken or deformed teeth is far behind our time thanks to the developments in dentistry technology. The old well-known porcelain restorations were prepared on a metal platform to enhance durability. This were used to enhance durability of crown and bridges. Thanks to the recent studies, fragility resistance has been enhanced by developing the porcelain material used in dentistry. Thus, metal unsıpported porcelain became a current issue as a new alternative in the steady prothesis studies. In restorations implemented by using porcelain without metal support, real tooth appearance can be generated. So, treatment results in less-than-stellar esthetic appearance and patient satisfaction. Metal unsupported porcelain is produced by compressing amplified porcelain in a special machine. It is especially prefered for front teeth as it has a good light transparency. It is not enough durable against chewing power. So, it is not useful for back teeth. Usage of total seramic restorations in dentistry is  increasing day by day in paralel with the development of new materials and techniques. Porcelain is attached on a metal platform for metal supported crown and bridges. Without any metal platform, Ceramic materials which has the most similar features in real tooth appearance and light transparency with tooth tissue, biologically coherent and resistant to chewing power are used for total ceramic restorations.